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Research Team - AWESoMeStars Project

Research Team

Team Picture 2017 October

The AWESoMeTeam in 2018 November. From left to right: Lewis Ireland, Julia Roquette, Sean Matt, Tom Wilson, Tim Harries, Tim Naylor, Louis Amard, Victor See, Angela Breimann, Adam Finley (Photo credit: Sam Morrell © 2019). Not pictured: George Pantolmos. Past team photos.

Prof. Sean Matt (Principle Investigator)


Assoc. Prof. of Astrophysics
All Tasks (2016 - present)
Sun-like and low-mass stars

Dr. Victor See


Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tasks B2 & C2 (2016 October - present)
Stellar magnetic fields (especially from Zeeman-Doppler imaging), activity & winds and their impact on rotation evolution

Dr. Louis Amard


Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Task C (2017 August - present)
Low-mass stars evolution, internal transport processes

Dr. Julia Roquette


Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Task C (2018 June - present)
Young cluster observations, stellar photometric variability, rotation, environmental effects

Dr. Lewis Ireland


Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Task A (2018 December - present)
Effects of rotation and magnetism on stellar structure, magnetic star-disk interactions

Angela Breimann


PhD Student
Task C2 (2017 September - present)
Stellar magnetic activity, rotation, and evolution

Tom Wilson


PhD Student
Task A2 (2018 August - present)
Star-disk interation in star formation, theory, radiative transfer, observational signatures


Prof. Tim Naylor


Professor, University of Exeter
Task C
Star formation, clusters, stars, observations

Prof. Tim Harries


Professor, University of Exeter
Task A2
Star formation, observations, theory, radiative transfer, radiation hydrodynamics

Dr. Claudio Zanni


Astrophysicst, INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino
Tasks A, B, & C1
Young star angular momentum, magnetic star-disk interactions, winds & jets, computational MHD

Dr. Adam Finley


Postdoct, CEA Saclay, France
Task B1
Postdoctoral Research Associate (2020 June - 2020 November)
AWESoMeStars PhD Student (2016 July - 2020 May)
Magnetohydrodynamics, simulations, stellar winds and magnetism of Sun-like stars, specifically the role of complex magnetic fields. Remote and in-situ measurements of solar magnetic and wind properties, especially angular momentum loss.

Dr. George Pantolmos


Postdoc, IPAG Grenoble & University of Torino
Tasks A1, B2
AWESoMeStars PhD Student, Task B2 (2016 July - 2019 May)
Theoretical plasma astrophysics, computational MHD, outflows, stellar winds, star-disk interactions

Previous Team Members

Amy Goodsall


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task C (2020 June - 2020 September)
The relationship between magnetic fields and chromospheric activity in the Sun and stars

Sophia Stasevic


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task C1 (2020 June - 2020 September)
The effect of massive stars in the rotational scenario of pre-main-sequence clusters

Charlie Davey


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task C1 (2020 June - 2020 September)
The effects of star-disk interaction on the spin-evolution of pre-main-sequence stars

Tobias Slade-Harajda


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task C2 (2020 June - 2020 September)
Probing the initial spin-rate distributions for young clusters

Alexis Lau


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task B (2019 June - 2019 September)
How magnetic geometry influences the amount of open flux in a stellar wind

Amy Hewitt


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task B (2019 June - 2019 September)
Direct detection and measurement of solar angular momentum loss

Siddhant Deshmukh


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Tasks B1 (2018 June - 2018 September)
The history of solar wind angular momentum loss

Daniel Gardener


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task A1 (2018 July - 2018 August)
Effect of multi-dimensionality on accretion disks

Piyush Sharda


Masters Student at BITS Pilani
Task C1 (2018 January - 2018 May)
Accretion rates of low-mass pre-main-sequence stars, ALMA observations and high redshift star formation, X-ray observations of supernovae, condensation of dust in supernovae ejecta

Matthew Gent


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task C (2017 June - 2017 September)
Effect of coronal mass ejections on stellar spin-down

Dean Patient


Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Task B (2017 June - 2017 September)
Structure and visualization of complex magnetic fields in stellar winds

Dr. Dominique Meyer


Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2017 October - 2018 September)