Dr Suzy Eldershaw

RANT Programme Manager


Dr Suzy Eldershaw has a background in biomedical research as well as project management experience. Her previous post-doctoral work focused on reconstitution of Natural Killer and T cells following autologous stem cell transplantation for conditions such as Myeloma and Lymphoma.

Suzy is the manager of the EPSRC RaNT programme.

Suzy's University of Exeter Profile

Dr Marzieh Salimi

RANT Experimental Officer


Dr Marzieh Salimi earned her PhD in Medical Physics from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran in 2018. For her PhD thesis, she did research on the effects of magnetic hyperthermia with PAMAM dendrimer coated magnetic nanoparticles on cancer cells in vitro and in animal models of breast cancer. During her PhD Marzieh published several articles in the field of nanomedicine and presented her research at a number of national and international conferences. Marzieh’s research interests include magnetic and laser hyperthermia, photothermal therapy, and ionization and non-ionization radiation safety.

Marzieh is the Experimental Officer on the RaNT programme, carrying out work on a number of research challenges as well as overseeing the laboratory facilities.