Processes and Events in Dynamic Geo-Networks

Antony Galton and Michael Worboys

In M. Andrea Rodríguez, Isabel F. Cruz, Sergei Levashkin, and Max J. Egenhofer (eds.), GeoSpatial Semantics: Proceedings of First International Conference, GeoS 2005, Mexico City, Mexico, November 29-30, 2005. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3799, 2005, pages 45-59.
ISBN: 3-540-30288-3


Traditional spatial information systems hold only a single state of the 'real world'. However, geographic phenomena have not only static but dynamic characteristics. The work described in this paper contributes to the general research effort toward a generic ontology of dynamic geographic-scale phenomena and its application to the provision of modeling, analysis, and retrieval of data in a spatio-temporal GIS. These issues are addressed in this paper with reference to dynamic geo-networks, that is, networks embedded in a (2-dimensional) geographic space. After an introductory and motivational section, the basic ontological categories of events and states are discussed. The paper develops these ideas in the context of flows in dynamic geo-networks, and goes on to discuss the possible kinds of causal relations. The paper concludes with an overview of the results and pointers to further research directions.

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Antony Galton
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