Arnaud Marmier

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Dr Arnaud Marmier
School of Engineering, Computer sciences And Mathematics
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Lecturer in Metamaterials
+44 1392 263632
+44 1392 217965
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Dr Arnaud Marmier
University of Exeter
School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
North Park Road
Exeter EX4 4QF
United Kingdom

Research Area/interest

Abnormal Elastic Properties (Negative Poisson Ratio -Auxetics-, Negative Thermal Expansion, Negative Linear Compressibility)

Surface Science

Solid State Physics/Chemistry

Ab initio modelling

Phonons/vibrational properties




Current Projects

Modelling of Phase-Change materials for memory

EPSRC grant EP/F015046/1

Electronic phase-change random access memory (PCRAM), also known as Ovonic, offer excellent prospects for improved solid state storage devices. Although much progress has been made in the fabrication, the understanding of the electronic, structural and switching properties at the core of this new technology is rather limited. We use diverse modelling techniques (from TD-DFT to classical MD) to investigate the properties of the chalcogenides GeSb2Te4 and Ge2Sb2Te5.

Molecular Frameworks for Metamaterials

Combines chemical (atomistic) and traditional mechanical modeling (Finite Elements) to cast some light on the mechanisms behind extraorndinary elastic properties succh as Auxeticity (Negative Poisson Ratio) , NTE (Negative Thermal Expansion) and NLC (Negative Linear Compressibility). The materials I am interested in range from zeolites, precious metal sulfides/oxides and meta-carbons to scale-less scaffold inspired from the former.

Ab-Initio thermodynamics of surfaces

gball Alumina
gball Zincite
gball Calcite

Graphite/Pt interaction

Diffusion in nanotubes

Ab-Initio Lattice Dynamics

gball Elastic properties of Platinum Sulfide under pressure
gball Negative poisson ratio: Cristobalite
gball Contribution to surface energy stability

Perl Scripts for Condor

Ab initio Surface Thermodynamics (methodology and phase diagam code)

Writing Skills

ECM1101, Disassembly,Assembly (engine)

ECM2103, Intro. to Mech. Eng. Design

ECM3101/3102, Individual Project

ECMM105, Atomistic Modelling

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