ElAM, a program to calculate and visualise Elastic properties in any symmetry

(maintained by Arnaud Marmier, last updated 20/10/09)


20/10/09: NEW VERSIONING, restarting at 1.0. Stable release 1.0 (includes a win32 exec, doc, example and source))

Old version news:
12/06/09: Version 4.0, added single direction, see SiO2 directory for example in quartz
21/04/09: Version 3.32beta, added transverse directions
10/03/09: Version 3.1beta, database. Proper manual
20/05/08: Version 2.4beta, prototype 2D, axes in 3D
18/02/08: Version 2.3, output direction of max and min poisson's ratio
08/01/08: ElAM online, Version 2.2


Here is a little program I wrote to calculate and visualise Elastic properties.
Elastic properties (Young's moduslus, poisson's ratio, sound wave velocities, compressibilities), especially in non cubic symmetry and along off axis direction, are non trivial to measure. This relative difficulty means that unusual properties can be missed.
By using a 3D visualiser, one can spot interesting features.
Obsolete downloads:
The manual is not complete at the moment, but hopefully some example should put you on the way. Everything is fairly straightforward anyway. ElAM reads an input.txt file, but a neat option (under window) is either to create a file type which calls the ElAM.bat when clicked (or as I do to add a surphadia option to the .txt file type). If that doesn't make any sense, a step by step explanation.

3D Examples


You will need a VRML visualiser to open the 3D files. I found Flux Player to be robust and easy Alternately, your web Browswer might already include a VRML plugin (in which case you should be able to see the 3D examples by clicking the links above).