Nature-Inspired Computation Research Group

The nature-inspired computation research group at Exeter is interested in the study and application of naturally-inspired computing techniques to problems in Hydroinformatics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and Cognitive Science.

Funded Projects

The group currently has four externally funded projects:


The group currently has 4 PhD students, and one postdoc.

Phd Students

  • Mike Gibson (PhD Computer Science)
  • Joe Townsend (PhD Computer Science)
  • Andrew Duncan (PhD Computer Science)
  • Matt Johns (PhD Computer Science)
  • Kent McClymont (PhD Computer Science) Awarded 2012
  • Emma Butt (Systems Biology) Awarded 2013
  • Ricardo Cipelli (Systems Biology)
  • Jonathan Mwaura - (PhD Computer Science) Awarded February 2012

Associate Research Fellows

  • Dr Emmanuel Sapin - Working on the Ant Colony Optimisation for the Discovery of Gene-Gene Interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studies Project


  • None at present

Discussion (Internal)

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