Hugo Lambert


I am a senior lecturer in the Statistical Science group, which is part of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter.

At present, my main research interests are:

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I joined Exeter in 2010, after a PhD in the Climate Dynamics Group in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics at Oxford, a brief stint at CEH Wallingford, two years at the University of California, Berkeley and three years at the UK Met Office Hadley Centre.

I am on the editorial board of Scientific Reports, a new open-access peer-reviewed journal from Macmillan. Our only criterion for publishing submissions is technical accuracy, allowing the reader to decide which papers are important.

You can see my work weblog here if you're within the University and I've given you permission.


College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
University of Exeter
Harrison Building, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QF, UK

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