Teaching and courses

Over the years I have taught courses in the following...
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Climate Dynamics
  • Atmospheric General Circulation
  • Dynamical Oceanography
  • Geostrophic turbulence
The lecture notes for these courses evolved into books, which you see in the column to the left.

Woods Hole Lectures

In 2014 I gave the lectures at the GFD Summer School at Walsh Cottage, Woods Hole, on aspects of the large-scale structure of the atmosphere and ocean. You can download a draft of the notes here:
PDF file (3 MB)


Web sites for a recently taught 4th year class (equivalent to first year graduate in USA), namely ECMM719 (Fluid Dynamics of Atmosphere and Ocean, Exeter University), are reached by clicking here and here

Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics

New material for the 2nd edition may be found by clicking here


Former Students, Postdocs, and other Alumnae

Mat Maltrud                 Thierry Huck                 Alejandro Pares-Sierra

Ken Oetzel                   Jian Wang                   Ben Cash                 Ed Gerber

Shafer Smith               Miles Sundermeyer         Cara Henning           Piero Olla

Rong Zhang                 Rob Scott                     Pablo Zurita Gotor

Baylor Fox Kemper       Rongrong Zhao             Riccardo Farneti

Jonathan Mitchell         Joe Kidston         Max Nikurashin