T. McAlee's theological "proof" of the Riemann Hypothesis

"Riemanns' Hypothesis states, all the non-trivial 0's of the Riemann Zeta Function, lie on the .5 line, with 1/2 part Real, This famous function related to Prime frequencies, has never been proved, for over 150 yrs. (until now)! A unit circle = 1 The Origin = 0 The Radius = .5 Now imagine The Big Bang, when GOD said, Let There Be Light! From a dense mass of FAITH, no larger than a mustard seed, The Universe Exploded from that tiny creation, and is still expanding in a circular expansion. (PROOF OF RIEMANN'S HYPOTHESIS!). GOD is #1 The Universe is #0 (an expanding zero). The Radius of this expanding Unit Circle (God's creation), is at all times, points, instantces, moments, potentials, etc. (from the origin to inifinity), and (no matter what level), the radius is NEVER <> 1/2, than that, of the Diameter. Were a casual observer, sitting on the edge of this circumference, to look via a telescope, at you standing on the Origin, he would see you as being the 1/2 line also. Therefore, the Origin and the 1/2 line are inseperable, and symetrical representations, of the same thing, depend- ing on the perspective, as each are situated on two 1/2 lines, really. The Origin, (itself a 1/2 line), divides TWO and the 1/2 line divides, still TWO other perspectives, to become its own origin, in respect to its two perspectives. How could it ever be otherwise? Dealing with 0, 1/2 and 1, (in that mathematical universe), then: How could the Riemann Hypothesis not be TRUE!


T. McAlee, Sr."


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