Supersymmetry and Trace Formulae

Chaos and Disorder

edited by
Igor V. Lerner
University of Birmingham, UK
Jonathan P. Keating
University of Bristol and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Cambridge, UK
David E. Khmelnitskii
University of Cambridge, UK L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia

Contents and Contributors
Semiclassical Theory of Spectral Statistics and Riemann Zeros; J.P. Keating. Quantum Chaos: Lessons from Disordered Metals; A. Altland, et al. Supersymmetric Generalization of Dyson's Brownian Motion (Diffusion); T. Guhr. What Happens to the Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Three Dimensions? J.R. Chalker. Trace Formulas in Classical Dynamical Systems; P. Cvitanovic. Theory of Eigenfunction Scarring; L.Kaplan, E.J. Heller. Nonequilibrium Effects in the Tunneling Conductance Spectra of Small Metallic particles; O. Agam. Pair Correlations of Quantum Chaotic Maps from Supersymmetry; M.R.Zirnbauer. Semiclassical Quantization of Maps and Spectral Correlations; U. Smilansky. Wave Functions, Wigner Functions and Green Functions of Chaotic Systems; S. Fishman. Wave Functions in Chaotic Billiards: Supersymmetry Approach; K.B. Efetov. Correlations of Wave Functions in Disordered Systems; A.D. Mirlin. Spatial Correlations in Chaotic Eigenfunctions; M. Srednicki. Level Curvature Distribution Beyond Random matrix Theory; V.E. Kravtsov, et al. Almost-Hermitian Random Matrices: Applications to the Theory of Quantum Chaotic Scattering and Beyond; Y.V. Fyodorov. Topological Features of the Magnetic Response in Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields; E. Akkermans. Trace Formulas in Classical Dynamical Systems; M. Wilkinson. From Classical to Quantum Kinetics; D.E. Khmelnitskii, B.A. Muzykantskii. Stochastic Scattering; H.A. Weidenmüller. H=xp and the Riemann Zeros; M.V. Berry, J.P. Keating.