Nicolas Pugeault, Dr. Rer. Nat.

Department of Computer Science,
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences,
University of Exeter,
Harrison Building, Streatham Campus,
Exeter EX4 4QF,
United Kingdom.
room: Harrison 281
phone: +44 (0) 1392 723064

New research out: How much of driving is pre-attentive?

How much of driving is pre-attentive? Quite a lot, it appears. This is the focus of new research, in collaboration with Richard Bowden, now accepted for publication for IEEE Transactions in Vehicular Technologies. In there, we demonstrate that up to 80% of steering and braking actions can be explained by a pre-attentive model, and that the driver's steering can be predicted accurately up to a full second before he turns the wheel.

Read the article for more details: (pdf)(doi)

Research Interests

My core research interests are cognitive vision and machine learning. More specifically, I am interested in how internal representations of visual information can emerge from interaction with an agent's environment. This involves aspects such as feature extraction and selection, perceptual grouping of features, accumulation and disambiguation of visual information over time, discovering objects' shape from experience, and more. Moreover, I have a keen interest in biologically plausible functional models of human vision.

Brief Biography

After finishing my Engineer studies at the ESIEA Paris, I moved to UK and did an MSc in Computational Intelligence at the University of Plymouth, before moving to Stirling to study with Norbert Krueger and Florentin Woergoetter on the European project ECOVISION. I obtained my PhD from the University of Goettingen in 2008. From September 2007 to September 2009, I held a half-time Assistant Professor position at the University of Southern Denmark, and a half-time Research Associate position at the University of Edinburgh, collaborating with Prof. Norbert Krueger on the two EU projects DrivSco and PACOPLUS. I have been employed as a Research Fellow at CVSSP since 2009, working with Richard Bowden on cognitive vision and machine learning research (I was involved with the projects DIPLECS and Dicta-Sign), before starting as a lecturer in January 2013.

In January 2016, I joined the Computer Science department at the University of Exeter.