Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Darwin Blanco

    University of Rennes 1, France

    Directivity enhancement and spurious radiation suppression in leaky-wave antennas using inductive grid metasurfaces

  • Dr. Ana Diaz-Rubio

    Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, France

    Controlling the absorption enhancement of thin layers by metasurfaces

  • Prof. Alastair Hibbins

    University of Exeter, UK

    Microwave Metasurfaces: Negative-index surface waves and beaming

  • Dr. Peter Hobson

    QinetiQ, UK

    The Requirements of Metamaterials for Camouflage Applications

  • Dr. Paloma Arroyo Huidobro

    Imperial College, UK

    Tunable plasmonic meta-surface with graphene

  • Ms. Nadege Kaina

    Institut Langevin, France

    Slow waves in locally resonant metamaterials line defect waveguides

  • Dr. Heather Lewtas

    BAE Systems, UK

    Solving microwave electromagnetic problems with metamaterials and metasurfaces

  • Dr. Enrica Martini

    Wave Up Srl & University of Sienna, Italy

    Ultra-flat antennas based on modulated metasurfaces

  • Prof. Francisco Medina-Mena

    University of Seville, Spain

    Circuit modeling of periodic structures

  • Dr. Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas

    University of Exeter, UK

    Microwave surface wave cloak

  • Mrs. Kate Moore

    Roke Manor, UK

    Metamaterials in antennas and surface wave applications

  • Dr. Steve Morris

    Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

    Adding activity to metamaterials

  • Dr. Miguel Navarro-Cia

    University of Birmingham, UK

    Metasurfaces for focusing and pyroelectric detection

  • Dr. Nikitas Papasimakis

    University of Southampton, UK

    Collective effects in ordered and disordered metasurfaces; applications in light localization and imaging

  • Dr. Eric Plum

    University of Southampton, UK

    From coherent polarization control to chiral mirrors and perfect absorbers

  • Prof. Oscar Quevedo Teruel

    KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

    Ultra wide band metasurfaces using a holey structure

  • Prof. Eva Rajo Iglesias

    Charles III University of Madrid, Spain

    Overview of gap waveguide technology and applications

  • Mr. Benjamin Tremain

    University of Exeter, UK

    Experimental observation of surface-wave like edge modes on a metallic checkerboard metasurface

  • Prof. Guido Valerio

    Pierre and Marie Curie University, France

    Computation of periodic Green’s Functions for artificial media in layered structures using asymptotic extractions

  • Prof. Yiannis Vardaxoglou

    Loughborough University, UK

    Synthesis of meta-atom materials for RF microwave substrates using additive manufacturing (3D printing)

  • Dr. Benjamin Vial

    Queen Mary, University of London, UK

    Topology optimization of metamaterials: application to microwave cloaking devices

  • Dr. James Watts

    Flann Microwave, UK

    Metamaterial antennas for 4G and 5G backhaul?

  • Dr. Will Whittow

    Loughborough University, UK

    3D Printed substrates for antenna applications

  • Prof. Ian Youngs

    DSTL, UK

    Title TBC

  • Dr. Dmitry Zelenchuk

    Queen's University Belfast, UK

    Manipulation of circular polarised electromagnetic waves by artificial periodic structures

Supporting Institutions

This meeting is funded by the Institutional Support Funding Scheme from EPSRC, with support from the Knowledge Transfer Network, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the EPSRC funded QUEST project and the Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials