EMPS Anonymous Electronic Course Work Submission System

Note that the submission must be one file only - you must zip up multiple files or subtrees.
Remember to keep file names free from clues to your personal identity.

The submission deadline is noon on the day specified by your lecturer. Sumissions after this time will be marked as late. Submissions can be made up to 14 days after the deadline but they will be capped at 40%.

Choose a course work item and enter your details:

Student registration number:       IT user name:

Now choose your preferred action then press Proceed:
View your transactions on the course work item shown above
Unsubmit from the course work item shown above
Submit the following file to the course work item shown above:

After a submit or unsubmit request is made, the request is stored provisionally.
You will be sent an email containing a URL which, when followed, will confirm
your original action.

Your work, whether stored provisionally or definitely, will be stored under your
examination candidate number, not under the name of the submitted file.