Christian Bick

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

OCIAM Visiting Research Fellow
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Hans Fischer Fellow
TUM-IAS, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany


Innovation Centre, K1
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University of Exeter
Harrison Building
North Park Road
United Kingdom

Research Interests

Dynamical systems and applications: Dynamics of coupled oscillator networks. Network dynamical systems with generalized, higher-order, and adaptive interactions. Dynamics of asynchronous networks.

Upcoming Events

Aug 24–26, 2020 Dynamics Days Digital 2020
TBA (Postponed) Workshop on Network Dynamics
Institute for Advanced Study, Technische Universität München


2020–2022 EPSRC New Investigator Award
Higher-order interactions and heteroclinic network dynamics
2019–2022 Hans Fischer Fellowship
Network Dynamical Systems with State-Dependent Interactions
2015–2017 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (IEF)
GECO: Dynamics of Phase Oscillator Networks with Generalized Coupling



  1. Benoit Duchet, Filippo Ghezzi, Gihan Weerasinghe, Gerd Tinkhauser, Andrea A. Kühn, Peter Brown, Christian Bick, and Rafal Bogacz. Average beta burst duration profiles provide a signature of dynamical changes between the ON and OFF medication states in Parkinson’s disease. Submitted, 2020 [ bioRxiv ].
  2. Christian Kuehn and Christian Bick. A Universal Route to Explosive Phenomena. Submitted, 2020 [ arXiv ].

Refereed Publications

  1. Christian Bick, Marc Goodfellow, Carlo R. Laing, Erik A. Martens. Understanding the Dynamics of Biological and Neural Oscillator Networks through Exact Mean-Field Reductions: A Review. Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, 10(1):9, 2020 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  2. Benoit Duchet, Gihan Weerasinghe, Hayriye Cagnan, Peter Brown, Christian Bick, and Rafal Bogacz. Phase-dependence of response curves to deep brain stimulation and their relationship: from essential tremor patient data to a Wilson–Cowan model. Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, 10(1):4, 2020 [ article (open access), bioRxiv ].
  3. Peter Ashwin, Christian Bick, Camille Poignard. State-dependent effective interactions in oscillator networks through coupling functions with dead zones. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 377(2160):20190042, 2019 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  4. Gihan Weerasinghe, Benoit Duchet, Hayriye Cagnan, Peter Brown, Christian Bick, and Rafal Bogacz. Predicting the effects of deep brain stimulation using a reduced coupled oscillator model. PLOS Computational Biology, 15(8):e1006575, 2019 [ article (open access), bioRxiv ].
  5. Jorge Luis Ocampo-Espindola, Christian Bick, and István Z. Kiss. Weak Chimeras in Modular Electrochemical Oscillator Networks. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 5:38, 2019 [ article (open access) ].
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  14. Christian Bick and Michael Field. Functional Asynchronous Networks: Factorization of Dynamics and Function. MATEC Web of Conferences 83:09001, 2016 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  15. Erik A. Martens, Christian Bick, and Mark J. Panaggio. Chimera states in two populations with heterogeneous phase lag. Chaos 26(9):094819, 2016 [ article, arXiv ].
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  18. Christian Bick and Peter Ashwin. Chaotic Weak Chimeras and their Persistence in Coupled Populations of Phase Oscillators. Nonlinearity, 29(5):1468-1486, 2016 [ article, arXiv ].
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  25. Christian Bick and Mikhail I. Rabinovich. On the occurrence of stable heteroclinic channels in Lotka–Volterra models. Dynamical Systems, 25(1):97–110, 2010 [ article ].
  26. Christian Bick and Mikhail I. Rabinovich. Dynamical Origin of the Effective Storage Capacity in the Brain's Working Memory. Physical Review Letters, 103(21):218101, 2009. [ article, file ].


University of Exeter

ECM3724/ECMM450: Stochastic Processes (Winter 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20)
ECMM718: Dynamical Systems and Chaos (Winter 2014/15, 2015/16)
ECM3736: Research in the Mathematical Sciences, Geometry substream (Winter 2011/12)

University of Oxford

InFoMM Core 4: Modelling, analysis and computation of discrete real world problems (Fall 2016/17, 2017/18)
InFoMM ModCase: Modelling Case Studies (Winter 2016/17)

Rice University

MATH 211: Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (Fall 2014/15)
MATH 435: Dynamical Systems (Spring 2013/14)

Georg–August–Universität Göttingen

Seminar: Machine Learning (Fall 2012/13)
Seminar: Information Theory and Dynamical Systems (Fall 2011/12)