Christian Bick

Lecturer in Mathematics
University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

OCIAM Visiting Research Fellow
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK


Innovation Centre, K1
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University of Exeter
Harrison Building
North Park Road
Exeter EX4 4QF
United Kingdom

Research Interests

Dynamical systems and applications. Dynamics of coupled oscillator networks. Dynamics of asynchronous networks.


2015–2017 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (IEF)
GECO: Dynamics of Phase Oscillator Networks with Generalized Coupling



  1. Christian Bick, Mark J. Panaggio, and Erik A. Martens. Chaos in Kuramoto Oscillator Networks. Submitted, 2018 [ arXiv ].
  2. Christian Bick. Heteroclinic switching between chimeras. Submitted, 2017 [ arXiv ].

Refereed Publications

  1. Christian Bick, Michael Sebek, and István Z. Kiss. Robust Weak Chimeras in Oscillator Networks with Delayed Linear and Quadratic Interactions. Physical Review Letters, 119(16):168301, 2017 [ article, arXiv ].
  2. Christian Bick. Isotropy of Angular Frequencies and Weak Chimeras With Broken Symmetry. Journal of Nonlinear Science, 27(2):605–626, 2017 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  3. Christian Bick and Michael Field. Asynchronous networks: modularization of dynamics theorem. Nonlinearity, 30(2):595–621, 2017 [ article, arXiv ].
  4. Christian Bick and Michael Field. Asynchronous networks and event driven dynamics. Nonlinearity, 30(2):558–594, 2017 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  5. Christian Bick and Michael Field. Functional Asynchronous Networks: Factorization of Dynamics and Function. MATEC Web of Conferences 83:09001, 2016 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  6. Erik A. Martens, Christian Bick, and Mark J. Panaggio. Chimera states in two populations with heterogeneous phase lag. Chaos 26(9):094819, 2016 [ article, arXiv ].
  7. Christian Bick, Peter Ashwin, and Ana Rodrigues. Chaos in generically coupled phase oscillator networks with nonpairwise interactions. Chaos, 26(9):094814, 2016 [ article, arXiv ].
  8. Peter Ashwin, Christian Bick, and Oleksandr Burylko. Identical phase oscillator networks: bifurcations, symmetry and reversibility for generalized coupling. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 2:7, 2016 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  9. Christian Bick and Peter Ashwin. Chaotic Weak Chimeras and their Persistence in Coupled Populations of Phase Oscillators. Nonlinearity, 29(5):1468-1486, 2016 [ article, arXiv ].
  10. Christian Bick and Erik A. Martens. Controlling Chimeras. New Journal of Physics, 17(3):033030, 2015 [ article (open access), arXiv ].
  11. Christian Bick, Christoph Kolodziejski, and Marc Timme. Controlling Chaos Faster. Chaos, 24(3):033138, 2014 [ article, arXiv ].
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  14. Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Valentin S. Afraimovich, Christian Bick, and Pablo Varona. Information flow dynamics in the brain. Physics of Life Reviews, 9(1):51–73, 2012 [ article ].
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  16. Christian Bick and Mikhail I. Rabinovich. On the occurrence of stable heteroclinic channels in Lotka–Volterra models. Dynamical Systems, 25(1):97–110, 2010 [ article ].
  17. Christian Bick and Mikhail I. Rabinovich. Dynamical Origin of the Effective Storage Capacity in the Brain's Working Memory. Physical Review Letters, 103(21):218101, 2009. [ article, file ].


University of Exeter

2018 (Winter) ECM3724: Stochastic Processes
2016 (Winter) ECMM718: Dynamical Systems and Chaos
2015 (Winter) ECMM718: Dynamical Systems and Chaos
2012 (Winter) ECM3736: Research in the Mathematical Sciences, Geometry substream

University of Oxford

2017 (Fall) InFoMM Core 4: Modelling, analysis and computation of discrete real world problems
2017 (Winter) InFoMM ModCase: Modelling Case Studies
2016 (Fall) InFoMM Core 4: Modelling, analysis and computation of discrete real world problems

Rice University

2014 (Fall) MATH 211: Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
2014 (Spring) MATH 435: Dynamical Systems

Georg–August–Universität Göttingen

2012 (Fall) Seminar: Machine Learning
2011 (Fall) Seminar: Information Theory and Dynamical Systems