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Simulation of a galaxy disc which includes a 2 armed spiral potential, heating and cooling of the ISM, self gravity and stellar feedback (from Dobbs & Pringle 2013). The black and white colour scheme shows the total gas column density, dense gas is highlighted in yellow and blue.

Vertical distribution of the gas:

The following are simulations of a section of a galaxy, including star particles. These are from Dobbs 2015.

The following are movies from Dobbs, Burkert & Pringle 2011 (click link to play). Again they include a spiral potential (4 armed), heating and cooling, self gravity and feedback.

Whole galaxy

Zooming in on a section of the galaxy (following an individual particle).

Vertical distribution of gas.

Finally here is a simulation which was designed to reproduce the spiral structure of the Whirlpool Galaxy, M51 (See Dobbs et al. 2010). The simulation represents the present day M51 at a time of 300 Myr. At the end of the simulation, the two galaxies merge.

M51 movie.