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Statistics training

I was a trainer for the 'Advanced Statistics Training Course' run by the University of Exeter for the Met Office from 2010 to 2017.

University courses taught

2018/19 Statistical Modelling and Inference University of Exeter (Stage 2)
2017/18 Probability, Statistics and Data University of Exeter (Stage 1)
2009/10 - 2017/18 Statistics University of Exeter (Stage 2)
2008/09 - 2018/19 Statistical Inference University of Exeter (Stage 3)
2016/17 Advanced Calculus University of Exeter (Stage 1)
2009/10 - 2010/11, 2015/16 - 2016/17 Probability and Discrete Mathematics University of Exeter (Stage 1)

I also helped to lecture and demonstrate computing classes for David B. Stephenson's course "Data analysis methods in weather and climate research" for both postgraduates and final-year undergraduates at the Universities of Reading and Bergen in 2004 and 2005.

Student projects

2005, Hawkins E: Vorticity extremes in numerical simulations of 2-D geostrophic turbulence. Co-supervised with Dr DB Stephenson. University of Reading.
2006, Cassidy K: What are the causes of changes in extreme UK daily rainfall? Co-supervised with Dr DB Stephenson. University of Reading.
2006, Ho CK: The roles of meteorological variables in the design of heat-health warning systems. Co-supervised with Dr DB Stephenson. University of Reading.
2008, Cotton J: Bayesian priors and estimation of extreme rainfall in Camborne. University of Exeter.
2009, Horel M: Smoothing reliability diagrams. University of Exeter.
2010, Boulton C: The role of sea surface temperatures in Amazon precipitation. University of Exeter.
2010, Winter H: Testing a new model for calculating verification measures of rare weather events. University of Exeter.
2011, Baker L: Partitioning uncertainty in ensemble climate predictions. University of Exeter.
2011, Winter H: Bayesian modelling of the effect of the North Atlantic Oscillation on extreme precipitation in the north of England. University of Exeter.
2012, Buzzard S: Modelling the wind: determining potential power outputs from wind turbines and ways in which they may change in the future. University of Exeter.
2013, Owen N: Predicting numbers of North Atlantic hurricanes. University of Exeter.
2014, Jones A: Building a model to predict future NBA basketball results. University of Exeter.
2015, Todd A: Verification of Met Office probabilistic temperature forecasts. University of Exeter.
2016, Burton E: An assessment of the performance of ARIMA models in forecasting temperatures within the British Isles. University of Exeter.
2017, Aldous C: Statistical post-processing of ensemble temperature forecasts. University of Exeter
2017, Winter A: Ensemble post-processing of wind gust speeds from the Met Office. University of Exeter
2018, MacDonagh S: Forecasting Premier League football match outcomes using a bivariate Poisson model. University of Exeter.
2018, Summersby C: A generalised additive model to better forecast water demand in the United Utilities water region. University of Exeter.
2019, Reader T: Improving weather forecasts with the bootstrap. University of Exeter.