Figure 1: Today's line-up: 1. Hugo Lambert, 2. Jake Eager, 3. Marianne Pietschnig (on a yellow card from the first leg), 4. Denis Sergeev, 5. Monisha Natchiar, 6. Alex Loader, 7. Jonathan Beverley, 8. Robbie Ridgway, 9. Harry Mutton, 10. Ruth Geen, 11. Toby Ferrison (on loan from Natural Sciences). October 2020.

I am lucky enough that the following people work with me:

Jonathan Beverley is a NERC funded research fellow working on understanding how teleconnections change in future climate projections. The project is led by Mat Collins and Rob Chadwick.

Ruth Geen is a research fellow working on the Met Office Newton Fund CSSP China project with Geoff Vallis and me. Ruth is interested in understanding robust dynamical changes associated with climate change, particularly relevant to monsoons, and idealised parameterisation of radiation.

Alex Loader is a PhD student working on how interactions between physics and chemistry influence the fate of condensibles on exoplanets. He is supervised by me and Eric Hebrard.

Harry Mutton is a PhD student supervised by Mat Collins, Rob Chadwick and me. He is working on understanding how monsoons change with climate change.

Monisha Natchiar is an associate research fellow working on understanding cloud feedbacks as part of the NERC CIRCULATES project with Geoff Vallis and me.

Robbie Ridgway is a PhD student supervised by Nathan Mayne, James Manners and me interested in exoplanet climates and radiation, particularly stellar flares...

Denis Sergeev is an STFC sponsored research fellow working on understanding atmospheric convection on exoplanets in collaboration with Nathan Mayne, and Ian Boutle and James Manners at the Met Office.

Old photos

Former members (let me know if you want this updated)

Marianne Pietschnig (PhD student and research fellow, 2017-20) is now a researcher at the University of Oslo.

Marion Saint-Lu (associate research fellow, 2016-8) has moved back to France for a fellowship at Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique.

Alex Todd (PhD student 2015-8) moved on to a research fellowship at the University of Oxford before entering industry.

Lilo Henke (PhD student 2012-7) did a PhD with Dan Charman and me on Paleoenso, fire and the tropical hydrological cycle during the Holocene.

Angus Ferraro (research fellow, 2014-6) is now a secondary school teacher.

Joe Osborne (PhD student and associate research fellow, 2011-5) is now a senior climate consultant at the UK Met Office.

Margriet Groenendijk (associate research fellow, 2011-4) now works for IBM.