Research interests

Of general interest

Lectures by Michael Thompson on Nonlinear Dynamics can be found on

Climate tipping (papers)

  • Theme Issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series A on Influence of Nonlinearity and Randomness in Climate Prediction, (Link to Preprint collection)
  • Talks: Newton Institute (video, Cambridge 2010, go one level up for more talks), ICIAM (slides only, Vancouver 2011),

Continuation for experiments (papers)

  • Introductory Physical Review Focus article by Mike Wofsey covering the first test on real pendulum experiment (also featuring small videos).
  • Supported by EPSRC Grant EP/J010820/1 Control-based bifurcation analysis for experiments (2012-2014) and EPSRC Fellowship EP/N023544/1 Exploring instability in complex systems - simulations in no-man's land (2017-2021)
  • The basic mathematics behind it explained for a simple mechanical experiment (with animation but only based on numerical simulations).
  • The method has been used in a more advanced experiment with an energy harvesting mechanical oscillator recently by David Barton.
  • A poster explaining a simplified version of the approach for steady states (also applicable in a statistical mechanics sense) is on Figshare.

Delay-differential equations (papers)

Bifurcations of smooth and piecewise smooth systems (papers)

Nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers (papers)

(subject of my PhD thesis). Links concerning laser dynamics in Berlin:


  • Numerics of differential-algebraic equations (subject of my master thesis)