Hopf-Galois Theory and Galois Module Structure

Tuesday 23rd June to Friday 26th June 2015, University of Exeter

A workshop on Hopf-Galois Theory and Galois Module Structure took Tuesday 23rd June to Friday 26th June 2015 at the University of Exeter. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together researchers from the UK, Europe and the US interested in arithmetic aspects of Hopf-Galois theory and in other areas of ramification theory and Galois module structure. In particular, it explored connections between arithmetic, algebraic and geometric approaches to questions of ramification in Galois and Hopf-Galois extensions of local fields in characteristic p and characteristic 0. Participants included

Young researchers (in particular, UK-based research students) are encouraged to attend.

For further information, contact the organisers, Nigel Byott, Griff Elder, and Henri Johnston.

The workshop was supported by an LMS Research Workshop Grant.

Schedule and Abstracts

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Places to Eat and Campus Map

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Practical Information and Travel Advice

The workshop will start on the morning of Tuesday 23rd June and we anticipate that most participants will arrive on the afternoon or evening of Monday 22nd June. The last talks will be held on the afternoon of Friday 26th June. See the schedule above for further details.

Both the accommodation and the talks will be on the Streatham campus of the University of Exeter. The accommodation is at Holland Hall (number 62 on the campus map) and the talks will be held in room 203 of the Harrison building (number 23 on the campus map).

Here is some general advice on to travel to Streatham via bus, rail, or Exeter Airport. Onward travel from Exeter Airport is available by bus or taxi. The bus is cheap (a few pounds), but doesn't run that that late. The taxi costs about £25. There are direct flights between Exeter many British and European airports, including London City Airport and Schipol (Amsterdam); one option is to connect at one of these airports.

Bristol airport is the next closest airport, and is one and a half hours to Exeter. Follow the signs for the Bristol Flyer bus and purchase a ticket to Bristol Temple Meads Rail Station (journey time is 20-30 minutes). At Bristol Temple Meads take train to Exeter St David’s train station (journey time approximately one hour).

The two largest airports in the UK are Heathrow and Gatwick, and partipants from North America will probably have to fly to one of these (they also have flights to many European cities). By far the cheapest onward travel option in both cases is to take the bus to Exeter Bus and Coach station. From Gatwick, you can travel by train via either Reading or Clapham Junction (cheaper, but a bit slower) to Exeter St David's train station. From Heathrow, you can take either the Heathrow Express or Heathrow connect (a bit slower but much cheaper) to London Paddington train station and then take the train from Paddington to Exeter St. David's. Alternatively, you can take this bus service from Heathrow to Reading train station and then take a train from there to Exeter St. David's; yet another option is to take a bus from Heathrow to Woking and take the train from there to Exeter St. David's.

Rail prices and timetables (including for onward travel from airports other than Exeter) can be found at National Rail Enquiries.

There are many options and "tricks" for travelling to Exeter (especially onward travel from airports) so please do not hesitate to contact one of the organisers for further advice.

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